Artist Bio

Christian Corbet

Christian Corbet is a multi-discipline professional artist. He works in clay, acrylics, oils, conte and more. He is a renowned portrait artist having become a royal sculptor working in Buckingham Palace sculpting an official portrait of His Royal Highness The Prince Philip. He has also created authorized portraits of Dr. Jane Goodall, Margaret Atwood, General Romeo Dallaire and the Countess Mountbatten of Burma, just to name a few.


As a forensic artist Christian has restored human faces and helped identify  soldiers for the Canadian Government and commenced that aspect of his career having sculpted the face of an Egyptian mummy, the world's first based on CT and laser scans.


Christian's abstracted works often depict vibrant flowers and non-objective works portraying the ever present energy of this unique artist.


Christian's pottery/ceramic art comprises of functional classical forms but also works that are truly fine art unto themselves.


Christian is represented in over 100 art galleries, museums and collections worldwide as well as holding positions as Sculptor-Royal Canadian Navy, Regimental Sculptor - The Royal Canadian Regiment and Forensic Artist - Western Ontario.

His career is cited in "Canadian Who's Who" among numerous other publications worldwide.

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